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leaf Pedego Electric Bikes now at the Riding Center!...Why a "Riding Center" ....The iBike Riding Center concieved to allow those wanting an electric bike, to experience in the best possible way - low traffic, high touch... in a relaxed location....so the focus is on you. The pure joy - the best experience riding, learning, particpating in the next form of human transport. The Electric Bike

leaf ONE RIDE AT A TIME...iDleGreen is a community initiative that starts with you...in your own neighborhood. The Bicycle is a simple way to give back, get going and make a difference in the fight to reduce Green House Gases...1 ride at a time. To see how you can make a difference, be healthy, save the planet and have fun...IdleGreen will make a difference in your life and that of our children.

leaf At iBike Electric, we believe that people are showing they care about the environment. Making smarter choices to be Eco-INVOLVED. Simple ways to transport in a healthy, green, economical way while participating in THE BEAUTY that surrounds us. Experience the ride, do errands & short trips. Yes...look cool and have fun! Automobiles contribute more than half of the greenhouse gases in our area. As we strive to balance our life...make short trips a part of the balance! iBikeElectric.com promotes "Short Trips" as a way to reduce green house gases & promote a healthy lifestyle.